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(802) 434-4533 | PO BOX 899 | RICHMOND, VT 05477

(802) 434-4533 | PO BOX 899 | RICHMOND, VT 05477

VT Land Maintenance Projects

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Excavating Projects

South Burlington Excavation

We were hired initially by a landowner in 2019 to clear a lower section of his property of Sumac, In phase 2 we came back to put in a large gentle swale to keep run off water away from his neighbor.

Richmond Propane Tank

We were hired to excavate an old 1979 propane tank and install a new one.

Drainage Solutions

This property has historically had a very wet yard. We were hired to install a curtain drain. Water immediately started flowing out the pipe.

Malletts Bay Log Pile

We were hired to remove this log pile as the owner wanted it for firewood. The thumb on the excavator made very quick work of picking up logs so that they could be easily blocked up. It took about 8 hours with 2 people cutting. A total of about 7 cords of wood.